Homemade Songs

1. Next Year

2. Different Shade of Blue

3. Leave a Little Light

4. Prettiest Eyes

5. Girl I Wish to Say

6. If I Were

7. Ramblin' On

8. Ballad of Floyd Needable

9. Lay It All on the Line

Deep Down at the Bottom of it All

1. Baby I'm on My Way

2. Still I Soldier On

3. Harder to Say Goodbye

4. These Dreams of You

5. Right Time

6. Guess It's Better Late Than Not at All

Tales from the Fish Tank

1. Bringing it Home

2. Oh, Chicago

3. You Won't Cry

4. It's Better Forgetting the Things You've Done

5. Rainy Day Blues

6. When We Lost Ya

Beauty From a Kiss

1. Beauty From a Kiss

2. High Climb

3. Stuck Like Glue

4. Jesus Don't Climb That Mountain